Does God exist? (An intellectual analysis for the scientific community)

Today phones have become cordless. Communication has become wireless. Cooking has become fireless. Key has become keyless. Food has become fatless. Sugar has become sweet less. Arguments have become baseless. Feelings have become heartless. Relationships have become meaningless. Politics has become shameless. Education has become worthless. Youth have become jobless. Salary has become less and less. Needs have become endless. Lives have become hopeless and human society has become clueless.

What to do?

Well, I have a clue. The human society has been plagued by this probably because we have become godless. Is it?

But before we answer this question, here’s the million-dollar question first, “Does God exist?”

99% of people can’t swear and say that if He exists or not!

An old sadhu (saint) lived right next to a village. The villagers wanted to learn about religion. They went to him and requested him, “Sir please come to our village and enlighten us about God.”

The saint adhered to their request. He sat on the dais and questioned the gathering, “How many of you believe in god?” Everybody raised their hands up. The monk said, “All of you here believe in God, so what’s my need?” and left away.

The villagers had a discussion. They approached the wise old saint again and requested him to come to the village once more. The saint again adhered to their request. He sat on the dais and questioned the gathering, “How many of you believe in god?” This time, nobody raised up their hands. The old saint said, “Nobody here believes in god. If I have a company of such people, then I will also become like that,” and left away.

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The villagers again sat for a discussion. They approached the wise old saint again and requested him to come to the village again. The saint adhered to their request again. He sat on the dais and questioned the gathering, “How many of you believe in god?” This time, half of the crowd raised up their hands and half of them didn’t.

The old monk said, “Those people who believe in god, please explain and enlighten the other half who don’t believe in god. You guys carry on and I will seek your leave.” and left away.

Do you know what we can learn from this story? It is that our faith in God is so circumstantial. If our work is done, then God exists but if not, then who the hell is god.

This question “Does God exist?” for the majority is not a question of belief but a question of needs. It is so much based on circumstance.

And interesting thing is that people don’t even want to take chances. When you ask a person who doesn’t believe in God to come and kick the idol or deity of god, they will deny as they don’t want to take chances. They will think that what if God does exist for real, so why take chances?

It’s funny to say but what kind of atheists are we. It’s difficult for the majority to say with conviction that God exists or does not exists!

I included the above story just to highlight the confused state we are in!! Knowing well that our knowledge is not complete, let us explore if God exists or not.

Is there any proof on which we can accept God?

1. Creation implies a creator

Once Newton made a planetary model of the entire universe and called it a gyroscope. One of his atheistic friends came in the morning and saw that the planets were revolving. His friend was pretty excited and bewildered to have a glimpse of such a pristine model. He asked Newton, “Who made this Newton?”

Newton said, "I didn’t make it. It actually came on its own.” The friend repeated, “Who made it?”

Newton gave the same answer. “I didn’t make it. It actually came on its own.” 

Newton’s friend was now pissed off. He shouted back, “Issac, you are a man of science. Have you gone nuts?”

Newton looked at his friend and replied, “No friend, you are a nut. If this tiny model needed me to be constructed, then won’t a full-scale real model require anyone?”

A building requires hard work of so many hundreds of labours and engineers to be constructed.

A Macbook required an idea and hard work of Steve Jobs and his men to be brought into existence.

The firecracker-show in the sky requires backend effort of pyro-technicians.

And then, we have talks that a bang happened and the entire universe got created! 

As far as I know, the bang is an explosion. This explosion is triggered by someone. A bang can’t happen on its own.

Did you get what I am trying to highlight here?

Go back to your school days and remember the famous big bang theory. 

Any child can also say that explosion gives rise to destruction and not creation.

Have you heard that a bomb blast happened in a train and a Bentley car came out from it?

Explosion means destruction and not creation. Big Bang is postulate! Check the meaning of postulate in the dictionary. The meaning of postulate is "suggest or assume the existence, fact, or truth of (something) as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or belief.” 

In simple words, it is a mere assumption! But owing to such a poor education system which drifts us away from our true identity, we consider all these half-baked postulates as real theory. 

Open any painting of flowers on your phone screen by simply searching "flower painting" on google. You will find many pictures. The picture is two dimensional. But does it have shape, form, fragrance and pollen grains? Nope. It’s just a picture. Right? 

Now take a real flower. It has fragrance, is three dimensional, has a form and can cross-pollinate. So did it come up itself? A picture of flower requires an artist to come into existence but as per big bang, this flower came by some random explosion? This is rubbish theory and any decently sane person will agree to this here!!

Creation implies a creator.

2. Laws itself implies that there is a lawmaker

The earth is revolving around the sun at a fixed speed of 108000 km/hr. The distance between the earth and sun is 108 times the earth’s diameter. There has never been an accident between Neptune and Jupiter. They never collide. They have a fixed elliptical path. There might be an accident between two cars here on earth but never between two planets.

It’s interesting to note that there is an amazing precision in the universe. There are fixed laws. Law itself means that there is a lawmaker!

The modern science claims and speculates that this universe came by accident. Well, suppose that you are bursting crackers, and there came a Lambhorgini out of it? Sounds weird and insane. Isn’t it? As far as I perceive, the only thing that comes out of an explosion is a mess.

Law itself implies lawmaker. When a man and woman come together, then the baby is procreated. These laws itself means that there is lawmaker - the creator!

3. Incredible Order and Design

There are various people who are very particular about illumination in their house. They like soft, subtle illuminations in their home to create a fantastic ambience. There like an orderly way of things.

Now, let us talk about the order of the sun. The sun is a powerful bulb. It has not gone on holiday, not even on Sundays. It comes 1 mm close and the planet will burn to ashes. It goes 1 mm away and the planet will freeze to death. Such amazing pristine laws!!

Slice mango and you will find what a neat packaging it is! Inside this seed is a tree! The time just separates this seed from becoming a massive mango tree.

The heart of the giraffe weighs 11 kg and is around 2 feet in length. This is because the blood has to be pumped up to the head which is quite at a higher distance. Now guess what will happen when it bends down to drink water. The blood will rush at such a high speed and rupture its brain. But that doesn’t happen. The beautiful thing here is that there is a one-way check valve in the neck of the giraffe. When it bends down, the valve stops the supply of blood in the brain, and the spongy tissues around it absorb the blood. As soon as the giraffe comes up, the blood comes back to the heart and re-pumps. What a sophisticated mechanism! 

There is such amazing precise order and design of the entire creation.

The cross-section of a carrot looks like human retina in the middle. Ophthalmology recommends carrots as good for eyesight.

The ginger is very good for the stomach. The interesting thing is that the shape of ginger is like the stomach and it is very helpful for digestion.

The walnut is shaped exactly like the brain. We all know that walnut is excellent for the health of the brain.

Any urologist will say that kidney beans are excellent for kidneys. No doubt that the shape of both of them are similar!

Olives are excellent for ovaries. The shape of both is again similar.

Avocado is shaped like the mother’s womb. Ask any gynaecologist or a pregnant lady. They will say that avocado is must recommended during pregnancy.

There is such an amazing order and design to the entire creation. The above are just a few examples. Any sane person can say that it can’t come by a big bang. There has to be a creator.

4. Theory of Cause and Effect

The fan is moving but how many of us have seen the electric current? We all have learnt in our school days that electricity is the flow of electrons. But have any of us seen electric current? 

Some people question that as they cannot see God, so He doesn’t exist. 

Now, even if you haven’t seen electric current, does it mean that it doesn’t exist? Touch the naked wire and you will get that 440-volt shock to believe it for your entire life. 

This theory that I am not able to see the see god is half baked. I will come back to it soon.

Have you seen a puppet show? It appears nice to see that the puppets are acting. But everybody knows that there is a person behind it who is operating the puppets.

Actually it doesn’t take much faith to believe in god, but definitely, it takes a tremendous amount of faith to not believe in god.

Hence, Rasika Acharyas say that don’t try to see, but rather try to experience the presence of God in your life. Experience is way greater than philosophical analysis and radical expressions.

What knowledge can you acquire after seeing somebody? It might be height, complexion, weight and all that external appearance.  This knowledge is derived from pratyaskha observation. Pratyaksha means that you use the five senses to acquire knowledge (via the eye, smell, touch, look and feel). This is guesswork or anumana (assumption).

Now if you want to know really about that person, who can tell you better about them other than the very person themselves? When you ask them “What is your name? What is your favourite dish? What is your profession?” and so on, then you get the true knowledge about that person.

How does the person reply about themselves? It is through words (sabda).

Similarly, if you want to know about God, ask Him. But then there would be a question, “How will I ask him? How will I hear his answer?”

Have you ever listened to a radio station? The RJ keep chatting. This sound is already there in the sky in the form of waves. All we need is a radio receiver to tune to RJ’s voice.

Similarly, the sound of god is already there. The Vedic Scriptures and Rasika Acharyas mention that our heart is the receiver. Whenever we are about to commit any mistake in our life, the parmatma (or the Supreme Personality of Godhead) sitting in our heart already tells us if it is right or wrong prior to the action itself. Depending upon the inner advancement, one can take further action positively or negatively. So, the heart is the receiver if tuned correctly.

That’s why we see sages going to the Himalayas and meditating there in peace. They are tuning to get the knowledge of god that is already existing.

But how many of us are ready to go to the Himalayas to get such knowledge? Not all. Right?

So the Lord comes as sage Vyasdeva (as explained in Srimad Bhagavatam, 1st Canto, Chapter 2) and writes about His true identity in written form. The same knowledge of god is present in sabda or written format, and that is what we call as shastra or Vedic scriptures.

Now, let's say that a person has spoken things about himself. But why should we believe him? Why should we believe in the scriptures? Let us discuss that in the next section.

5. Historical Facts

When Christopher Columbus began his journey, people warned him that he will fall out of the earth. As per the prevalent education system, it was Christopher Columbus who first proved that the earth was round. But when one digs out references from Vedic Scriptures, it’s already mentioned there since time immemorial. Bhugolam Saptdviman Mahim: This verse means that the earth is round (bhugol) and there are 7 continents. 

If you take out the Mayan Calendar, it ends at 2012. Many might have heard about that famous “2012" movie. It turned out false while the Vedic Scriptures have timelessly stood its glory via such diverse knowledge in all spheres of life!

In the field of human embryology,  physician Ian Donald used the art of sonography to detect the development of foetus for the first time. Till then nobody had an idea of how does foetus in the womb of the mother develops.

The different stages of development of the foetus have been explained in detail by Kapila Muni to Mother Devahuti in Srimad Bhagavatam (Third Canto). It’s funny that the so-called modern intellectuals (actually pseudo-intellectuals) can trust a sonograph but not a book which tells in detail about these facts in minute detail. The heart appears in the foetus in the fourth month and this is from the Srimad Bhagavatam!

I can give thousands such references. There are several references beautifully compiled in the book "Pride of India: A Glimpse Into India's Scientific Heritage."

I find it funny when people come to me and say that I can’t believe in god. Open your books, dive your heads into these Vedic books, look at what is written in the book and then say that I don’t believe. Just by western influence and hedonistic culture, don’t say that “I AM A NON BELIEVER MAN.” If you really consider yourself intellectuals, open the books first and then say I don’t believe in it. 

Without having done research and study, saying it all just for coolness makes one nothing but half-learned illiterates. 

Cow dung cake has antiseptic properties better than antiseptic cream in the market. The walls in huts of villages are coated with cow dung. This coating of cow dung screens out UV radiations and keeps the temperature cooler in the summer season, and warmer in winter season!

In an earlier era, before these chemical fertilisers came into existence, cow dung was considered the best fertiliser for agriculture. It is even considered as the best fertiliser to date, but people out of their greedy interests choose chemical fertiliser which is nothing but harmful to the body. Chemical fertiliser enhances the produce but see the damage it is causing to the body.

Also, cow urine is the best pesticide as per scientists. If you drink cow urine daily, you won’t succumb to any disease or ill health. Cow urine alleviates defects in tumours, is bactericidal, and cures leprosy. If drunk, it is good for the defect in tumours and for the abdomen. It also helps in preparation of Rifampicin, an anti TB drug.

A pregnant lady is advised to drink cow milk in different proportions according to the different time of her pregnancy. It has been clearly instructed in Caraka Samhita about the ideal diet for a pregnant lady to beget a healthy child. You can ask any doctor or lady about how cow milk is a prerequisite for a pregnant lady. The cow milk nourishes the baby in the mother’s womb. Thus a cow’s milk nourishes us in our childhood. It provides the strength in our bone formation. Thus leaving the relevance of the scriptures aside, we should regard the cow as our mother.

Anyways I will tell you something amazing. Do you know that even Mughal emperors like Babur, Akbar, Jehangir had banned cow slaughter in their regime? Babar in his will ‘Tuzuk-e- Babari’ tells his son Humayun that, “Humayun should respect the sentiments of the Hindus and hence should not allow the cow to be sacrificed or killed anywhere in the Mughal Empire. The day any Mughal emperor ignores this will, the people of India will reject him.” Can you believe that? Mughal emperors had banned cow slaughter! And just imagine today!

I will tell you something more interesting. In 1740, in the Arcot district of Tamil Nadu, Robert Clive found that 54 quintals of rice were harvested from one acre of land using manure and pesticides made from cow urine and cow dung. The cow is the foundation of this great nation India and cows greatly outnumbered men here. 

Robert Clive realised that unless this foundation was shaken up, the East India Company could not keep their hold on India for too long. This inspired him to open the first-ever slaughterhouse in India in 1760 with a capacity to kill thousands of cows every week.

As a part of the master plan to destabilise India, cow slaughter was initiated. To this extent, the British were quite successful. Cow slaughter, engineered by them, divided Muslim and Hindu communities which had coexisted peacefully for the last 700 years. Millions died in ensuing riots which lasted for decades. For further information, read the book “Case for India” by Will Durant.

Even if you go through the Holy Quran, you can conclude that cow killing is not sanctioned and the only cow sacrifice which has been described was not meant for meat-eating but for purification from sins. Also, Islamic saints avoided meat. Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti and Hazrat Nizammuddin Aulia were Muslim saints whose path was pious living, centred on self-restraint, love and affection for all and vegetarian eating.

And just look at the state today. People don’t realise that the cow is a mother. She is very special. Instead of protecting, caring and nourishing her, we are making a mockery of ourselves by opening slaughterhouses. She is our mother!

Now let us talk that who proved that plants have a life? Those who have good memory can recall that they learnt in their school days that JC Bose first categorised plants as living beings in 1902. Okay, the question is that, prior to him proving this fact, didn’t plants have a life? 

Well, our scriptures have always classified the plants as one among the 8 million 4 hundred thousand living species! Open Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam for further insight.

Historical information in our scriptures have been proven time and again. Pick up Bhavisya Purana and it predicts Chanakya Pandit, Ashoka, Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammed amongst many others in detail. Jesus Christ has been referred to as “isa masi” in Vedic Scriptures. It means “Son of God.” Pick up any authentic holy bible and check if Jesus Christ is referred to as “Son of God” or not.

The people who believe in Vedic Scriptures are not mad. All that has been proven now by modern science or will be proved in future have been spoken in our scriptures. If I start giving astrological references, you would go crazy!! This is not the core subject of this article hence I have kept the discussion just superficial. The main purpose of discussing all these, in brief, is just to establish a good foundation of God-centred life so as to dive to the true and real prayojana (goal) of Vedic Scriptures.

Okay agreed that god exists but who are we then?

Jai Jai Shri Radhe!

Hare Krishna!

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