Toughest yet simplest job in world?

Rasika Acharyas guide that the most toughest yet simplest job in the material realm is to sit and constantly chant Nama (Hare Krishna Mahamantra)!

In Bhagavad Gita (Chapter 6, Text 6), Krishna says to Arjun that for those who have conquered the mind, it is the best of friends, and for those who have failed to do it, it is the worst of the enemy.

Except for Rasika Vaishnavas, mind is not a friend to the normal Jiva Tattva (living entities). Mind often creates stories and makes one think of what not. In a moment, it makes one think of themselves as Rasika, and the next moment it hankers for sense gratification. 

The very nature of mind is it’s fickle and restless nature when it focuses on material pleasure, and the same mind by solely taking shelter of Nama, Yugal (Divine Couple) and Guru Charan becomes a support in bhajan (devotional life).

When a sincere sadhaka (seeker) initially begins to chant Nama, the mind and heart feel a special calling and attraction towards it but as time progresses, it becomes difficult as thousands of thoughts and stories pop up in the mind. 

Hence Rasikajana guide that after the daily 16 mandatory rounds of Nama Japa, a sincere devotee can engage in different seva (devotional service) as per their natural ruchi (inclination) to Divine Couple unless they reach a stage where they are absorbed in Nama constantly owing to Guru Kripa.

It is not necessary that a seeker will find interest in chanting Nama constantly over a long period of time. Constant Nama appears only on the lips of Rasikajana or their kripa patra devotees. 

For us, Rasika Gurujana guide that depending on how Sriji inspires us (at that particular moment as per our natural inclination), we can sometimes go to the temple, read Srila Prabhupada books, sing kirtan, go for Vrindavan Dham Darsan if possible, serving in temple, making flower garlands, deity worship, washing plates, cleaning and sweeping the altar premises, cooking prasad for Yugal, listening to Katha etc., apart from engaging in whatever profession work as an offering to Yugal and Gurujana.

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But Gurujana also guide that any seva or devotional activity should be clubbed with chanting Nama internally or externally or both. A devotee during the course of any seva should slowly train themselves to chant Nama internally.

How to chant Nama at all times internally? - Rasikajana guide that when you think about material stuff, your tongue touches the bottom of your mouth, and when you think about Krishna or are chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra internally, the lips will touch the top of your mouth. This needs to be practised while dealing with outside people or in your material dealings. You are talking externally to people or are engaged in something, but the tongue is chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra at all times.

Gurujana guide that it doesn’t matter if one likes doing Nama or not, if there is cintan (meditation unto Divine Couple) during Nama Japa or not, one should chant Nama like a robot. As iron cuts iron, Nama will reveal the real swarup (form) of Nama!

Nama will guide all, and one day all merciful Nama will run internally in the heart of sincere seeker on own owing to Guru Kripa.

Even though owing to material conditioning, chanting Nama might appear the toughest job, but by taking shelter of Gurujana and Yugal, it will turn out to be the easiest in matter of time!

It is simple what Rasikajana say, “Be in the shelter of Yugal like a kid is carefree in the vicinity of his mother.” What is impossible for Yugal?

Jai Jai Shri Radhe!

Hare Krishna!

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