The conclusion statement of all spiritual journey and what to do if we fall down repeatedly in our spiritual path

Rasika Acharyas guide that the conclusion statement of entire Vedic literatures, discourses, and siddhanta (philosophy) is to surrender unto our Divine Couple and be constantly engaged in remembering them 247 with attachment and love, and making sure that the four regulative principles are followed and there is no performance of activities not favourable for our spiritual advancement. 

And in due course of spiritual path, if there is some unwanted activity committed from our end owing to conditioning or any other reason whatsoever, then pray to Divine Couple and Gurujana and cry our heart out to them to help us bypass our shortcomings by their kripa dristi (merciful glance). 

And, then if it happens again, then again pray! Never feel that “Oh no, I am a loser and unfit for this path.” A sincere seeker should never feel that they have lost (har gaya) and are hopeless. Don’t stop! Just restart again with double enthusiasm.

Even if we fall thousand times, then upon standing, we will only run to our Divine Couple and nowhere and nothing else. Not that we lose hope and change direction and return back to sinful life.

Simply pray to Divine Couple to become your har (garland).

Frankly, the entire vaidhi marg and this apparent fall down until the complete realisation of our eternal constitutional position (Nitya Swarup) with Divine Couple is just to teach that “I can’t do it. The senses are too strong. Please Gaur Nitai and Srila Prabhupada, please please help.” 

That way a seeker just banks upon Divine Couple helplessly. And that is when the Guru Kripa (mercy) floods the seeker and bypasses all spiritual path (marg) direct to Vrindavan Prema Rasa!

The fall down in spiritual path is kripa swarup (mercy) as it pricks our bubble owing to aham (pride) of sadhan bal (strength of own spiritual practice) which at first place was nothing but kripa of Gurujana and nothing related to own endeavour. 

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Our Divine Couple are karuna samudra (ocean of mercy) and they meet not via our guna (good quality) or dosha (bad quality) or by how much mala or spiritual practice we do. They meet only and only via Guru Kripa and apnapan (own feeling). 

Guru Kripa embraces a seeker upon just following Guru’s instruction and the main instruction of all is to take shelter of Nama Nama Nama! Rasikjana guide that a sincere seeker should enthusiastically take shelter of Nama. Nama guides all in due course of time directly within the seeker’s heart.

P.S. As directed by Guru Tattva, I just merely translate the words (vani) of my Rasika Gurujana on this site here just for my own meditation on my Shri Vrindavan Dham.

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