When the devotional path becomes incredibly tough and you feel like giving up

The path of Krishna Consciousness is most sublime. How many times this statement of Srila Prabhupada has not rung in our ears?

But the journey till we actually become completely Krishna Conscious is not a path of roses. There are thorns more than there are flowers. The tests, the struggles, the contemplations are lost in talks when everyone you see talks of bliss and ecstacy.

The moments you feel alone and can't feel Krishna near you. When you pray so hard yet see the prayers being unanswered. When you want to give up, scream and shout, really wanting some reciprocation but there isn't any.

In moments where you crave just the caress of Yugal and nothing else, when it's all darkness and none supporting you, when you start to regret the day you started this journey. 

To anyone feeling this, my prayer to you is, HANG IN THERE! 

It is so difficult to hold it all together, but have patience.

You want to go to Vrindavan but you can't, you want Dham Vas (residence in Vrindavan) but you can't, you want to chant Shuddha Nama but you can't, you want to see Yugal with these eyes but you can't. You can't understand the reason for all the delay. 

You can't but Krishna CAN ❤️

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The little hope that keeps you going is ignited by Krishna. He'll not let us fail. 

कौन्तेय प्रतिजानीहि न मे भक्त: प्रणश्यति 
kaunteya pratijānīhi na me bhaktaḥ praṇaśhyati
- Bhagavad Gita 9.31
Meaning: Hey Arjuna, proclaim it boldly that My devotee never perishes

Srila Prabhupada used to say, anyone having patience and enthusiasm will not fail in this journey. 

It all seems like an unending wait but it isn't.

The final result will be worth it.

It has to be.

Krishna has to stand up to His name, to His glories that Srila Prabhupada has preached.

Our tears will not go in vain. That's not my promise, that's what our Acharyas promise ❤️

राधा राधा राधा ✨

Jai Jai Shri Radhe!

Hare Krishna!

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