Uddhav Gopi Sanvad – How Uddhav Ji left impersonalist philosphy & surrendered to Radharani & Gopis

The Uddhava Gopi sanvad (conversation) is epitome of conversation where Uddhav Ji, an impersonalist leaves his philosophy and eventually surrenders to feet of Radharani and the Gopis. 

The pastime goes as follows - Once Krishna was missing Radharani and Gopis very badly so He asked Uddhav Ji, His cousin and a Brahma Gyani, fully realised impersonalist, who worshipped the spiritual effulgence of Krishna and saw Him as prakash (rays of light), to go to Gopis to deliver His love filled letter for them. 

Uddhav Ji laughed to this and said that you are the Para Brahman (Supreme Impersonal Effulgence), so why are You getting sentimental? You are the complete knowledge and there’s no reason why You should get emotional. To this, Krishna requested that Uddhav Ji should also attempt to teach this knowledge to the Gopis. Uddhav Ji in the pride of his knowledge accepted Krishna’s request and set out for Vrindavan. 

When He went, the Gopis surrounded Him as they had heard the news that Krishna had sent them a letter through Uddhav Ji. Uddhav Ji asked Gopis that why are you being sentimental? Instead, meditate on Krishna as He is the Para Brahman, and you all will find peace, and everything calm and silent. To this, one Gopi shot back, “Even dead body is peaceful and silent.” This shook the conscience of Uddhav Ji who had no answers.

Then they took him to Radharani who was in Her very deep meditation for Krishna. He asked Her that why You and all these Gopis are crying when Krishna can’t be here. To this, Radharani replied that Krishna was always with Them as He is bound by love, and actually showed Krishna besides Her talking to them right there at that very moment! 

Uddhav Ji was shocked, and his pride was demolished completely. He realised that Krishna is only bound by love and nothing else.

He took the lesson about the love of Radharani and Gopis for Krishna, where their heart is brimming with storm of emotions for Krishna, and it is with this love that Krishna gets captured by! Then, Uddhav Ji in a humble mood simply crawled around the dust of Vrindavan, constantly praying that he be born as a humble blade of grass here to be touched by the dust of Lotus Feet of Radharani and the Gopis! He was completely transformed!

After this lila (pastime), Uddhav Ji left the Mayavada philosophy and worshipped Krishna in His personal feature as the Supreme Personality of Godhead who is bound by only and only by love!

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