The real personification of MAD and CRAZY people!

When somebody lying in the streets of Vrindavan keeps on chanting and crying “Radha Radha Radha, Hey Radha, Sri Radha,” then the normal people from the outside world think that these seekers have gone mad and crazy.

They think that these people are not only mad but stupid as well. They firmly believe that these seekers have no work to do, are losers and give them all the names, abuse them, laugh at them and mock them whenever given an opportunity.

Rasika Acharyas say that worldly people are mad for bodily comforts, material needs, wealth, women, children, wife, family, cars and what not BUT the real pagal (mad) is one who is mad for Radharani and Krishna!!

The true pagal (mad) is one who has names of Radharani and Krishna on his / her lips at all times!

So these Vrindavan seekers say that even if the world abuses them, laughs at them, hits or kicks them, they won’t leave the names of Radharani and Krishna from their lips. It is so so dear to them. Even if they want to leave, they can't!! They have no control over themselves!! The holy names are their most inner confidential treasure.

The inner thing is that for these seeker’s, everybody is their Queen Sri Radha!! Their all and everything is Srimati Radharani! They accept everything as a blessing of their Sri Radha to advance further in bhajan.

(The content above might sound alien and weird to 99.9% of people. Check Advanced Spirituality Guide here if Srimati Radharani inspires you. The further you chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra sincerely, all direction will sprout to you from within).

One needs to understand who Krishna is, and how one is related to Him to appreciate this path of vraj-prema-bhakti. Once they know a bit more about Krishna, then they will realise the depth and beauty of this spiritual pursuit. Never forget the bliss that Krishna can give you!

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Whatever be situation in life, just keep crying the Hare Krishna Mahamantra. All direction will manifest further from within.

Radharani is the heart of Krishna and hidden in all scriptures as you don’t give your wealth to anybody cheaply. Approaching Radharani is not possible without kripa (mercy) of guru tattva, Vrindavan Dham and Rasika Acharyas. You can read the confidential biography of Srimati Radharani here.

Jai Jai Shri Radhe!

Hare Krishna!

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