How should sincere seekers avoid getting bewildered on the path of spirituality?

This material illusion (mayadevi) is very strong. Every moment, Krishna makes you go on the transformational path. In your spiritual journey, you will definitely be made aware of weird and surprising facts that will really confuse you and will take you out of spirituality.

Basically, there would be thousands of tests and the seeker's spiritual faith (nishta) unto Krishna, and the acceptance of Krishna's very existence will also pop up in the seeker's mind!!

Just don't get bewildered at any stage. Even if you get initial doubts, just close your eyes, chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra and pray with utmost sincerity unto Krishna to reveal you the inner reason behind it all.

In fact, just focus on vraj-prema-bhakti (as the more you try to understand the outer world and the philosophy, the more entangled you would become). 

Intellectualism till a basic level in initial days is ok, but as one dives spiritually further, it's all about pure loving reciprocation with Krishna and Radharani in Vrindavan. Here, intelligence doesn't work. Do you use intelligence to live with your brother, sister, mother, father, wife or family? You are free around them and have a loving reciprocation, what to speak of Krishna who is our eternal father!

This is very difficult to understand for a person who lacks faith and doesn't has a lot of guru kripa and enough spiritual credits (karma) from past lives.

Hence, one should chant the holy names of Lord sincerely and at all times. The nama is so powerful that it will automatically direct the sincere seeker from within. Read the inner confidential meaning of Hare Krishna Mahamantra here.

Nama Nama Nama!

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Jai Jai Shri Radhe!

Hare Krishna!

P.S. This article is derived from Beginner's Spirituality Guide.

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