How to get topmost inner confidential vraj-prema-bhakti

If our Divine Couple Sri Radha and Sri Krishna meet anyone, then They meet only when bound by love (prema).

However clever one tries to be with actions or jugglery of words, then it is not something that will please Srimati Radharani and Krishna. They are looking at one's heart. Nothing is hidden from Them.

What pleases the Divine Couple is ONLY prema (love), and NOT any sadhan bhajan (own devotional strength), tapasya (austerity), sacrifice, yoga, donation, niyam (rules), dharma (religion), karma (actions) etc.

Rasika Acharyas who own Radharani and Krishna have time and again repeated that the only way to get prema is to take shelter & ASSOCIATION of Lotus Feet of Rasika Vaishnavas.

If one has the humility to bow down to the lotus feet of Rasika Vaishnavas and surrender their mind & heart to them, then prema will definitely sprout in the heart of such a sincere seeker.

The swarup (nature) of prema is similar to that of water.

Whenever there is a slope, water flows on the slope, and similarly, wherever there is humility and simplicity, prema is bound to flow in that heart!

Hence Mahaprabhu said trinad api sunechaeya. One should be humble than a blade of grass!! Internally, one should be helpless, extremely humble and be completely dependent on the Lord. Purna Sharnagati (Full surrender)!

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It's easy to say but very very difficult to put in action without taking shelter of true genuine Premi Rasika Vaishnavas.

Aindra Prabhu always used to state that humility means accepting that we are Kali Yuga rejects and unfit for any other mode of devotion other than Harinam Sankirtan! This age of Kali is all about hypocrisy, quarrel, confusions, backbiting and all non-sense. Hence Harer Nama Eva Kevalam (Chaitanya Caritamrta Adi 7.76). Harinam Sankirtan! Nama Nama Nama! There is no other way, either one believes this today, after two birth or after thousands of births!

And if one dives further spiritually, it is ONLY shudh nama sankirtan. ONLY shudh nama sankirtan gives prema. Read this till bottom to understand the tattva behind shudh nama!!

I remember speaking to one of the first few members of 24-hour sankirtan who stayed with Aindra Prabhu for over a decade until Aindra Prabhu went back in the nitya lilas of Divine Couple. He asked Aindra Prabhu once on how to get prema. Aindra Prabhu simply said to him, "Associate with Premis!"

Till the time we don't associate with Rasika Vaishnavas, we can't colour ourselves in vraj prema bhakti, enter lila (passtimes) of Divine Couple, or serve Them in our true constitutional position. Though for different seekers (owing to their past life karma and guru kripa), the association can be in prakat (physical) and for some, it can be via the heart. It is a subject which will sprout only to those who are actually at this state of prema-bhajan. It can't be artificially imagined.

As without the touch of paras stone, iron can't turn into gold, similarly, without the touch of Rasika Vaishnavas, it is impossible to get prema in the heart.

However, niyam (rules), sadhana (devotional efforts) or sankalp (oath) one takes, without taking shelter of Rasika Vaishnavas, they can't get coloured in prema rang. This is the experience of Rasika Vaishnavas themselves.

Jai Jai Shri Radhe!

Hare Krishna!

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