Chant 1 round – Get the result of chanting 1000 rounds (x4)! (Super Secret)

Here are 4 ways one can get 1000x result of chanting 1 round! If they combine these 4, what to speak of their inner spiritual advancement (1000000000000 rounds in 1 round)!!

  • Put a few particles of Tulsi soil (from near the root of any Tulsi plant) on the head after taking bath. Any devotional activity with this soil on the head yields spiritual results of performing 100 days of bhajan. Say, for example, if you chant 1 round of nama-japa, you will get the result of chanting it for 100 days! If you cook prasad (food) for Lord, you will get the result of cooking prasad for the Lord for 100 days! If you do one Govardhan Parikrama, you will get the result of doing Govardhan Parikramas for 100 days!!
    Aindra Prabhu mentions this tip in his lecture in Kartik 2001 (also published as a book - Harinam Kalapatru). He quotes Srila Prabhupada that devotees must be lazy intelligent. Why slog and work hard when you can easily get bhakti?
    The frank think is that everything in the world just makes you crazy if not connected to Krishna, Radharani and Vrindavan (in vaidhi bhakti only. In Raganuga bhakti, the devotee sees everything as a plan of Krishna and doesn't care of externality).
  • Using Mridanga shaped beads to chant nama-japa instead of regular round-shaped beads helps in getting bhakti of 100 rounds by just chanting 1 round! (Mentioned by Sripad Aindra Prabhu in his Kartik 2001 seminar - Harinam Kalapatru book, as mentioned in the last point as well)
  • Take Vrindavanvas (Residence in Vrindavan) or regularly visit Sri Vrindavan Dham (or just keep thinking and meditating that you are in Sri Vrindavan Dham). Read this post on what is so confidential about Sri Vrindavan Dham. Bhakti (devotional activity) in Vrindavan gives 1000 times more benefits than anywhere in the world on any day. Chanting 1 round of Hare Krishna Mahamantra in Vrindavan is equivalent to chanting 1000 rounds at any other place.
  • During Purusottam or Kartik, stay in Vrindavan. Aindra Prabhu and Rasika Vaishnavas emphasise to leave all the material non-sense work and just give yourself to bhakti (spiritual life) during Kartik and Purusottam month. In Kartik, you get 1000 times more spiritual benefits, and being in Vrindavan further amplifies it by 1000 times. What to speak of using mridanga shaped beads (100x) and putting tulsi soil on the head (100 days of bhajan) before chanting! If you use these methods, in Kartik, 1 round of Hare Krishna Mahamantra in Vrindavan is equivalent to chanting 10000000000 days rounds at any other place! Who would want to miss this? It's like getting 1000 billion bucks for free literally!!
    The seeker can feel the advancement internally. They can see confidential aspects of Vrindavan-Prema-Rasa manifesting in their heart. And what do we really speak about Purusottam Mas (Month) which further gives 1000 times the benefit than Kartik! The point is having greed (lobha) and desire (lalsa) for vraja-prema-bhakti.

P.S. This article is derived from Advanced Guide to grow 1000x spiritually!

Jai Jai Shri Radhe!

Hare Krishna!

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