Is the spiritual path scientific and logical? Scientific Spiritual Path for Beginners

*This article is a part of the book Demystifying the Mystical Vrindavan (Volume I - Introduction to soul's eternal position).

Establishing the basic foundation of the spiritual path scientifically and linking it with the purpose of human birth

This chapter is gonna be a quick guide for absolute beginners on the path of spirituality. In the initial days, most of us (atleast me and a few of my peers) didn’t believe in this subject owing to the lack of proper answers whenever we used to question it from people around us. 

This chapter will help sincere seekers relate to many inner queries that a lot of us have had since our childhood and it is something that is the basic foundation of spirituality. To be very frank, even most of these facts are to be forgotten as one advances in the path of true vraj-prema-bhakti! The earlier sentence can only be understood by seekers who are relishing the inner prema rasa. One should not worry about it if they don’t relate to its meaning as it will manifest in the heart very soon as they dive into the process sincerely.

Rasika Acharyas instruct sincere seekers to take this path step-by-step. As one can’t go from Class II to Phd artificially, similarly one should walk on this path in a step-by-step manner with a lot of patience and enthusiasm. The basic foundation in this chapter is the pillar of the entire spiritual journey, no matter which creed, nationality, religion or social strata of the society one belongs to. 

By the end of Volume IV of this book, if one goes through it all sequentially, then they will definitely be able to relish the inner confidential tattva of vraj-prema-bhakti depending on their sincerity, simplicity and most importantly guru kripa (mercy). Don't worry about terms that you don’t understand initially while reading the book. Simply keep reading and try to revisit it later. Slowly and slowly, you will be able to relate to the terms as well as the inner meaning of the sentences as well. The important thing is to get started.


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