Know for sure that everyone will leave except Divine Couple and Gurujana!

Jin Hari Bhakt Hriday Nahi Aani
Jeevit Sab Saman Tay Praani

Those people who don't have Hari Bhakti in their heart are as good as a dead body.

When a seeker moves forward on the path of Vraj Prem Bhakti by mercy of Guru, who is compassion personified, demigods sit in the mind of the so called family members by the influence of Mayadevi and weave such a strong net of moha (illusionary attachment) so as to stop the seeker from moving forward by all means.

It has often been seen in the devotional path that a seeker gets to hear many statements including the threat that if he takes one more step closer towards the Divine Couple then he will see the dead face of his so called family members.

Ideal thing for the seeker in such circumstances is to remember the lotus feet of his Guru and Divine Couple. As a result, Rasikjana words that the human form of life is extremely rare and the perfection of devotional life is the true aim of this birth will be stamped in the seeker's heart by Guru Kripa. It will make the seeker realize that sooner or later everyone will leave except Divine Couple Nitya Kishor Naveen Kishori, and thus he will transcend this so called test by Acharya's mercy very easily.

The cherished treasure of Rasikjana's heart is Nama! Chanting of Nama helplessly, intensely and desperately guides the simple hearted seeker from within in due course of time.

Jai Jai Shri Radhe!

Hare Krishna!

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P.S. I write on this site only for my own meditation on my Divine Couple and Gurujana by translating vani of Rasika Acharya's as instructed by my Guru Tattva.

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